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Cervical Spondylitis

The person who coined the term ‘Pain in the neck’ must have surely experienced how annoying and troublesome neck pain can be and may be this is why he assigned it to people or tasks that cause trouble.

Affirming the same, statistics actually show that Cervical Spondylitis is indeed the commonest cause of neck pain in people above the age of 25 years! It goes without saying that this condition is mainly caused by age-related changes due to wear and tear that occur in the backbone (vertebrae) of the neck region. There is no specific cause for Cervical spondylytis Mental stress is one of the most important observatory cost for this desease.X-ray and MRI are the basic investigation requre for cervical Spondylytis.

Homeopathy can offer significant pain relief as well as good control of the other symptoms associated with this condition. At Dr.Darda’s, our experience and expertise in treating this condition for the past 10 years has helped us to give good results in most cases. The holistic treatment at Dr. Darda’s has helped many patients to achieve good pain control and lead a better quality of life.

When the space between two adjacent vertebrae narrows, compression of a nerve root emerging from the spinal cord may result in radiculopathy (sensory and motor disturbances, such as severe pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, back, and/or leg, accompanied by muscle weakness). Less commonly, direct pressure on the spinal cord (typically in the cervical spine) may result in myelopathy, characterized by global weakness, gait dysfunction, loss of balance, and loss of bowel and/or bladder control. The patient may experience a phenomenon of shocks (paresthesia) in hands and legs because of nerve compression and lack of blood flow. If vertebrae of the neck are involved it is labelled cervical spondylosis. Lower back spondylosis is labeled lumbar spondylosis.

Homeopathic View

Homeopathy Provide very good medicine for Cervical Spondylitis. It will help to reduce the Compresson of the nerve and simoultaniously the symptoms of patients.It will also help not to recur again.Time period aproxx. 3 months-12 Months depend on severity of Symptoms.That is upto when you feel 100% better after that for 2 month to improve the support of the neck.Homoeopathy also help to destress the Patient.

In Dr. Darda Clinic they treat almost every disease of every part of the body.We feel whenever Patient feel Sick,1st he is mentally affected followed by body. We by homeopathy way improve the immunity of patients(Fighting Capacity)by improving his sleep, Appetite and other bodily function.

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