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Colitis is the term used to describe inflammation of the colon there are a variety of causes of colitis including infections, poor blood supply, and autoimmune reactions. The colon (large bowel or large intestine) is responsible for collecting and storing the waste products of digestion. It is a long muscular tube that pushes undigested food towards the anus for eventual elimination as a bowel movement. As the liquid mixture of undigested food makes its journey, it mixes with mucus and normal bacteria residing in the colon. As well, water is reabsorbed into the bloodstream, and the feces start to solidify.

The colon is located in the abdominal cavity and is divided into the following parts: the cecum, the ascending colon, the transverse, the descending colon, the sigmoid, the rectum, and the anus. The right colon includes the cecum and ascending colon. The left colon includes the transverse segment to the sigmoid.

As with any other organ, the colon has a blood supply with arteries delivering oxygen rich blood and nutrients to it, and veins that drain carbon dioxide and lactic acid from it.

Colitis Symptoms

Pain Abdomen followed by stools.
Stools are watery and frequent contains mucous and some time blood.
are commonly found symptoms in colitis.

Homeopathic View

Homeopathy has very good medicine for Colitis. It will help to reduce the severity of symptoms & Simoultaniously its recurrence with in 3 months-12 Months depend on Seviourty of symptoms.It will also help to distress the patients.

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