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Frequently Asked Questions.

Dr Nitin M. Darda

Q. Why Homeopathy?

Ans: As these medicencs are thoroughly proved on healthy human being considering its physicals and mind when such great medicines are in our hand why should we consider another pathy.

Q. Who should take Homeopathic Medicine?

Ans: The person who believers in ATMA or VITAL FORCE or some energy behind every human being should take homeopathic medicine.

Q. What are the action of Homeopathic medicine?

Ans: Action of Homeopathic medicine is on vital force (Vital fore: It is the energy that governs the human body.

Q. How should I take medicine?

Ans: 10 min before and after no food or drinks.Medicine should be Chewed.

Q. When should I take Homeopathy?

Ans: When you feel you are not at ease to when you lost the hopes in other medical science that is from acute disease to chronic disease.

Q. Are Homeopathic medicines safe?

Ans: Homoeopathic medicine are considered absolutely safe and harmless for all age around children and pregnant woman.

Q. Is it safe to take Homeopathic medicine with other medicine?

Ans: Yes it is.

Q. It is slow to act ?

Ans: “Experience your self”.Homeopathic medicines are very fast in action if it is suited.

Is it possible for me to consult Dr. Darda in person at his clinic during course or RX ?

Ans: Yes, you may see him with prior appointment.

Q. Is Homeopathy a miracle medicine & it cures every disease?

Ans: Homoeopathy never fails.

Q. How do I make payment for treatment?

Ans: You can make payment by DD/Money order drawn in the favour of Dr. Nitin Darda or online transfer to my ICICI Bank (Account Name: Nitin Darda. Account No. 003901019415 Bank Name: ICICI Bank Branch: Shivaji Nagar, Pune ) and also sent by V.P.

Q. From which substance Homeopathic medicines derived from?

Ans: Medicines are derived from plants, animals’ minerals and from sources from nature

In Dr. Darda Clinic they treat almost every disease of every part of the body.We feel whenever Patient feel Sick,1st he is mentally affected followed by body. We by homeopathy way improve the immunity of patients(Fighting Capacity)by improving his sleep, Appetite and other bodily function.

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